Available WordPress Update not detected by Dashboard


Anyone experiencing WordPress updates not showing up on the dashboard? Some child sites do show that an update is available while others don’t. I can’t seem to find a common thread. One thing many of them share in common is the use of the snippet WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE. However, that shouldn’t impact the notice on the dashboard correct? I still removed it and test it, and no impact.

So far, I’ve tried syncing all of them and individually, as well deactivating the child plugin and re-syncing the site. I can see and update plugins and themes and everything seems fine, but for some reason, these sites just won’t show the WordPress update.

The sites in question are not on the same host so that is something we can eliminate from a possible cause.

Anything I’m missing?

Hey @kgps

Are the WP Core updates visible on the /wp-admin/update-core.php page of a child site?

If they are not, then it’s a WordPress issue, not a MainWP issue.

If they are, then please check the Edit page of the affected site and verify that the Ignore core updates isn’t toggled on.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I did find the problem. I had “wp downgrade” plugin installed on several sites. Deactivating and syncing began to show the WordPress updates.


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