BackupWordPress extension

I have about 50 websites which have been set up for several years on MainWP, using BackupWordpress for weekly backups. I have now had to move MainWP to a new host and am unable to activate the BackupWordPress extension. I have activated my licence key successfully.

Hey @Abell

We may need to refresh your Extension API key.

For that, we will need your email address or username.

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Just to provide an update on this -

BackupWordPress extension was retired some years ago, so the license for it could not be activated: Retired Extensions - MainWP WordPress Management

It’s important to know that we don’t recommend using retired extensions for potential compatibility and security implications.

Another issue was brought up about incorrect Last Backup information being shown in the Manage Sites table.

This was resolved by selecting BackupWordPress as the primary backup solution in MainWP Settings.

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