[BackWPup] Extension won't allow deleting more than 1 backup

Hi there,

when trying to delete multiple backups at a time from the Existing Backups tab, the extension won’t allow me to delete more than 1. After successfully deleting one, the delete button next to each backup don’t work anymore. I have to refresh the extion page, reload all the existing backups and then I can delete 1 more backup.

Here’s a video to better explain this: https://www.screencast.com/t/RpWl3y58

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Hi @enit891

From your recording, it appears that no backups were deleted.
The table was showing a total of 10 entries before and after you attempted to delete backups and refreshed the page.

Can you try synchronizing your Dashboard with Child sites and see if you can delete backups, one or more, then?

And to be sure, please check that you have the latest BackWPup extension installed, which is version 4.0.4.

Hi @bojan,

the recording is a bit confusing, sorry. It only looks like none of the backups were deleted, but that’s only because I was recording this video and the one from my other post/bug report back to back. It only looks as if no backup was deleted, but that’s because upon refreshing the page the list gets filled up to 10 entries again, because there are more than 24 backups in total (but only 10 can be shown at a time).

Anyway, if you look closely, the first backup I’m deleting in the video is a 1,9GB file and its timestamp was 16:07. After refreshing the page, the backup is definitely gone. I double checked this via FTP.

  • Syncing the child sites again was the very first thing I’ve tried, but that did not help, unfortunately.
  • My MainWP version is and the BackWPup extension was freshly installed yesterday and is 4.0.4

Hope this help.

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Thank you for the clarification. Yeah, the other reported issue made things a bit convoluted.

I was now able to reproduce the issue, and I’ve passed it to our development team.

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