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Hi all,

We’re currently using BackupBuddy to perform the backups for our clients. We upload backups to Amazon S3 and do daily database backups and weekly full site backups.

We haven’t been very happy with BackupBuddy due to many failed backups. And it takes lots of time to debug the issues. And it’s almost impossible to get it working for clients hosting with GoDaddy!

Other options to consider that can be managed with MainWP are WP Vivid and WP Time Capsule.

What’s everyone’s experience with those 2 options? They all can pretty much do the same thing, and have support for Amazon S3 and other remote storage. But which ones work without many issues and hassles to deal with?

Just looking for general consensus from people using these plugins and whether or not they would continue to use their plugin of choice.


I just started but all my research shows that UpdraftPlus is a great tool, that’s the one I’m using. But again, I just started so I can’t tell you about any failed backups yet.

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EDITED: +1 for UpdraftPlus PRO (instead of MainWP). Using it for years and never failed us. Migration of new websites is so easy…
Please note that we are using the PRO version.

Thanks Fred. I appreciate your response. Keep me posted if you encounter any issues with missed or failed backups.

Hi Frederic. We’re also using MainWP PRO to manage our client websites. I’m asking specifically about the website/database backup solutions that integrate with MainWP. We’re hoping other members can weigh in on their choice of backup plugins to help us pick a plugin that is fast and reliable! Cheers.

Ooops! My bad. I wanted to say +1 for UpdraftPlus PRO! LOL sorry.
Using it for years and never ever failed us, not a single time…

haha ok thanks for the +1. UpdraftPlus wasn’t really on our radar. Will have a look. Thanks!

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