Best practice team management

Hi, i am really starting to wonder what is considered best practice when it comes to team management in mainwp. I get that with the extension i can set certain limitations within the dashboard.

But what about working on the actual site? What are the best workflows here? As far as i can tell, each dashboard user can jump directly inside wp-admin to the child sites (convenient, though). However, which this approach i am loosing a way for detailed logging who did what on which page right? Should i add a user for each member of my team and provide them the credentials?

Also, it seems to me that I can not limit access of dashboard user roles to groups or tags, which is unfortunate since it would allow a much more granular way of control without the need to manually add each site to a role.

I would be happy for any feedback.

Hi @JUVOJustin

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When an action is performed on the Child Site via the MainWP Dashboard, the admin user which was used to connect the Child Site to the Dashboard will be shown in the logs as the one who performed the action.
It doesn’t matter which user of the Dashboard performed it.

You can assign Permissions based on the Tags/Groups. That setting is available at the bottom of the Edit Role / Manage Permissions modal.

Ups. Don´t know how i have not seen the groups setting.

Regarding the admin user i want to implement a setup where we use mainwp as central entry point. However if an employee is making chages on one of the child sites e.g. editing a page with elementor i cannot see that in the action log since he used the admin user the dashboard connected with right?

Can I see that the employee used his dashboard user to sign into the child site? I just want to make sure some compliance can be achieved :slight_smile:

That is correct.

However, if you will have only one employee assigned to a single child site, you could create a new admin username on that child site that’s going to be identifiable (e.g. assignable to that employee), and then re-add the child site to the Dashboard using that admin username.

Unfortunately, that is not being logged right now. Only the username which is used to connect the child site to the Dashboard.

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