Better UI for sites that have updates turned off in MainWP

I have one site that I need to manually update plugins in particular as well as themes, and core. When I ‘edit’ the site details and turn off the auto-update features for this site I was expecting to see some sore of indication that the updates are turned off on the manage sites screen.

The row for this site appeared as if ALL updates ran this morning and I about had a heart attack. One particular plugin on this site will break certain functionality until the dev’s fix the issue.

UI/UX update request:
Please improve the UI/UX on the site row when updates are turned off. Currently, if a site has these turned off, the update columns are green and read ‘0’ indicating there are no updates needed OR that updates just ran. I think having these either grayed out or have a ‘disabled’ note over these columns would be ideal. Something that is a very clear indicator that auto-updates are turned off.


That seems like a good idea and surprised I haven’t seen it mentioned before, we’re just finishing up a major update now and I can’t guarantee it will make it in that one, but the version after that should be no problem.


Thank you. I was surprised when I saw the green so this will be a welcomed addition to the UI.

As I migrate over sites that I have not designed, I turn off the updates until I get a handle on the tech stack and how much of it I trust to auto-update.

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