Blog2Social & MainWP

Im trying to use Blog2Social with MainWP, but it’s not working as it should (only posting to 1 twitter account when a network with multiple accounts is selected, and not posting to any facebook pages). Can these two work together?

Hm, I have never used the Blog2Social plugin so to be honest, I am not sure that I fully follow the problem. Can you please provide more details?

The Blog2Social widget appears in the MainWP page when posting a new article and I set it to post the article to 2 Facebook pages and a Twitter account, but it isnt doing it. Not sure if its a MainWP problem or a Blog2Social problem. Any advice welcome.

By default, MainWP doesn’t support custom fields in Posts and Pages when publishing to Child sites. Only default custom fields are supported.

I believe that this plugin inserts the metabox to all post types by default and that makes the confusion.

In order to support something like this, a custom function/extension needs to be build. If you are interested in this approach, I can send you some basic info about this and you can check if you are interested in developing custom extensin.

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