Branding lost and some sites disconnect after v.4.1.6 update

After the v.4.1.6 update Branding was lost on all of my sites. Some sites were also disconnected. On those sites, if I disable and re-enable the MainWP Child plugin I can reconnect, but if I then try to Sync the Dashboard with the Child Site, it disconnects again.

I have the branding issue but not the disconnects.

I have some sites disconnected with the Public key already set. Please deactivate & reactivate the MainWP Child plugin and try again message. I do this and it connects but as soon as I sync it disconnects. I also noticed that the plugin settings don’t allow setting the unique ID. I have 4 sites doing this since the update.

I found branding is not set as well. I rolled back to the previous version and site instantly came up and branding was applied. Seems like something wrong with the updated child plugin. I will rollback other 3 affected sites for now.

Oh! We are going to wait for an answer from support… we don’t want to lose the connection to +100 sites! Thanks for the update.

Anyone having issues, please open a support ticket with detailed information, including the system report from your MainWP Dashboard, for review. The report is located in your Dashboard under Status → Server, on the top right of the page.

Also include the report for one of your child sites experiencing the issue so we can try to find a correlation with these sites and track down the issue.

Support ticket opened.

We just released MainWP Child which should solve the problem.​​​​​​

The v. update appears to have fixed the problem. Thank you Bogdan for the quick response.

But I plan to “untrust” the MainWP Child and Dashboard plugins and wait a few days before updating them from now on.

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Hi Timothy, thank you for verifying that the problem is resolved wihth the

We really give our best to cath all potential issues before releasing updates. We run extensive tests on multiple test setups with different hosting environments. However, this issue appeared to be very random. The fact that it affectedd only some sites and not all, even on same servers with the same plugin configuraions surprises me a lot.

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Thanks @bogdan for the update. Happy to read that MainWP Child will fix the issue. We are going to update today more than 100 sites so I will let you know if we run into any issues… :wink: Fred


Quick update: Push MainWP Child to 140 sites and did a sync after, all good! Connection still there as well as the branding still there. Thanks all for the discovery and the fix. You made my day.


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