BSM: Does The Key Maker Have To Be On The MainWP Parent Site?

The only Bulk Settings Manager videos I find are 8 years old - which is fine if still up to date.

Does the Key Maker have to be installed on the MainWP parent site, and the keys created from there? Or can I create the key from any child site?

I created a key from a child site, saved it and tried to copy to another child site, but it is not working.

Hey @Doug

Key Maker needs to be installed only on sites from which you wish to collect the settings.

Can you please give us more detail about it not working?
What error message are you getting?
Which settings page are you trying to apply?
Is every MainWP product up to date?

And provide screenshots if possible.

@bojan , Thank you.

This turned into a bigger issue so I started an appropriate thread here:

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