BSM - how to create new key ring

Hi, like with so many hiccups on MainWP, it’s probably poor UI and subsequently poor UX. But I cannot for the life of me figure out how to create a new Key Ring. Why is there now “create” new button or a “+” anywhere?
When trying to edit an existing Single Key with the hope that the option is hidden there, the single key never opens for editing. It just flashes up for s split second and then lands on the Key Rings.

I know this issue was reported as early as June 2022, but there doesn’t seem to have been a fix released.

In addition, the “remove from Key Ring” does not remove a Key from a Key Ring. And newly imported keys just add themselves to a single Key Ring without the option being available/selectable. So the entire process is rather flaky.

There are many other things that are far from intuitive and I see myself constantly checking back in the Knowledge Base or this Forum here for the same solution to simple tasks because I keep forgetting what the strange UX required me to do. I.e. adding sites to tags, deleting favourite plugins etc.

Hi @nadworks,

Option to create a new Key Ring is placed in the Add and Edit Key screen:

However, since you mentioned the Edit function doesn’t work for you, while I can’t duplicate this problem with the latest BSM extension version (4.0.5), I would suggest checking if the extension updated on your dashboard. If yes, and still not working properly, please try to eliminate potential plugin conflicts. If that still doesn’t resolve the problem, please open a helpdesk ticket so I can check this.

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