Bulk add to group

I haved one this before, but now in the new version i can’t seem to findd how to bulk add child sites to a group? Do i miss someting?

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Go to Sites - Groups, select the group on the right side, select the sites on the left and Save Selection.

I see that the documentation on Manage Child Site Groups - MainWP Documentation is outdated. Hopefully the MainWP team can update it soon.

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We haven’t made any changes lately to the Sites Groups. It should work exactly how @josklever described.

And you’re right Jos about that help document. I’ll get it up to date.

It doesn’t work like how I thought it would. The screen really did change during a recent update. Please compare it to the documentation.

Strange… a second attempt does seem to work, but if I select some extra sites using the filter first, the sites are not visible to the filter are removed from the group. And the number of sites is not updated after saving the selection.
I would need to do some more testing.

it works as you mentioned but i had to refresh the page to see the result

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It does seem there’s an issue when you Save a selection while the sites are filtered via search. Any websites outside the search scope will get removed from that group.

I’ve notified the development team about it.


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