Bulk Settings Manager

I am new to MainWP and I have some issue with using Bulk Settings Manager. I created a key ring and apply it to all of my sites:

  1. The settings and tools are now disappeared from all child themes, is this normal?

2.How can I uninstall the bulk settings and have the tools and settings back toy individual sites?

Hey @ikhlief

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Settings and Tools should not disappear when applying a BSM Key, unless of course the Key has instructions within it to do so.
Does the Key contain anything related to that?

Since Keys simply adjust the settings on the Child of a particular plugin, it is not possible to simply uninstall the Keys.

You would have to revert the changes either manually, or make a new key with the new desired settings.

Thanks for your reply. I found the problem from White Label extension :slight_smile:

This is solved. Thanks for your help.

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