Bulk upload security.txt file to child sites to .well-known directory (continued)

As the original post written by @rhoekman has been closed for comments, I’ve started a new one.

I tested this on a client site and noticed that the directory was indeed created, but with the wrong name. I used this:

But the directory that was created on the server was /-well-known so it doesn’t seem to be able to create hidden (dotted) directories.

PS: I also found File Upload Extension - MainWP as a feature request, but I think this should be handled as a bug instead of an RFC.

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Thanks for the report, @josklever .

I’ve managed to reproduce the behavior.

We will look into it and update you via this ticket as soon as possible.

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We’ve addressed the issue.


You can find the pre-release version of MainWP Child at this link:


I’ve tested the new version and it’s working. Thanks for the very quick response and have a good weekend! :smiley:

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