Cache Control extension and (my) WP-Rocket issue

A Question about the Cache Control extension and my issue with the ombination with the WP-Rocket plugin:

I prefer to do my updates in parts, for example:

  • Update plugin Yoast SEO on all my websites
  • Then update plugin Wordfence on all my websites
  • And then update another single plugin on all my websites, and so on…

So if I update for example 3 different plugins, I actually have 3 rounds of updates.

Because the Cache Control extension works fully automatically, this means that the cache is also purged 3 times on my child sites (after every single plugin update round).

I use the WP-Rocket cache plugin and whenever the cache is cleared, WP-Rocket also preloads the cache, so each cached page is then preloaded in the background.

So if the cache is cleared after every update round I do by the Cache Control extension, the cache will also be preloaded every time. This is undesirable because it costs a lot of unnecessary bandwidth on the server, and it can cause problems with my way of updating (plugin after plugin) because the cache is probably still preloading when the Cache Control extension clears the cache again after another plugin update…

The solution would be:
The option to disable the automatic cache cleanup in the Cache Control extension, and choose a manual cache cleanup instead. Then, in the case of using WP-Rocket, the cache can be cleared after all updates have been performed, and a cache preload only needs to be performed once on the child sites.

The way the cache Control extension works now, it cannot be used in combination with WP-Rocket for my working method. And unfortunately the WP-Rocket extension itself is not up to date with the latest WP-Rocket versions.

Best Wishes,

Hey @Alwin

Thank you for bringing this use case to our attention. I can certainly see how this could be a useful addition to the Cache Control extension.

Please feel free to make a suggestion about this on our feedback site. That way, others can vote for it, letting us know which features our users want the most.

We are also working on bringing the Rocket extension up to feature parity with WP Rocket plugin, however, I don’t have a release ETA at this moment.

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