Cache control not working for wp-rocket and wp-optimize

I use the Cache control extension to manually purche the cache, but it is not working with wp-rocket and also not with wp-optimize. Nothing happens, no cache purged.

Also, the Last purged date is not changing after hitting the Clear Cache button.
(I do get the message Process completed successfully!)

Hey @Alwin

WP Optimize is not currently supported by Cache Control. You can find up to date list here: Cache Control

For WP Rocket, I did managed to confirm that the “Last Purged Cache” date does not get updated in the Manage Site table, and I passed it along to our development team.

However, the WP Rocket cache did get cleared on the child site and a notification at the top of the WP Admin of that child site was present:

Are you using the latest version of Cache Control v5, MainWP Dashboard v5, and MainWP Child Plugin v5?

Hello Bojan,

Well, my problem is that the cache is not getting cleared at all. There is no notification in WP Admin or in the wp-rocket UI. Nothing happens…

If everything is up to date (Cache Control v5, MainWP Dashboard v5, and MainWP Child Plugin v5) and the issue persists, please open a private Help Desk ticket so we can investigate further.

And please refer to this Managers thread by its URL in the ticket.

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