Can I add more info to Analytics report?


I use for 2 years now the Client Reports, since it was easier to set up when I started and also I add information manually every month in the Analytics section I created.

This said, I am trying to move to pro report, but differently than the client report, I cant see the section for Analytics before the report is generated. However, when it is generated, I can only see data in preview.

My question is: My client asks for specific details to his Analytics and for this reason his report is added manually data I take from Analytics and add to his existing Custom Report. I do this in the Analytics section that has the tokens set up in custom reports. Such datas are very specific to him, such as; what pdfs were downloaded and how many, words searched the most etc…

Testing the Pro Report, I have little editing power on the Analytics section that is auto created and only available in preview mode.

Can I add Analytics information manually? It cant be token, as it is taylor made for his website. Thats the only way I can do a proper report for him. Including search keywords results, pdf names downloaded the most etc… all these data I have in Analytics, but I collect it manually each month.

Many thanks

Hi @dannygrio1234

You can expand the Analytics section by editing the Pro Report template, using any available token listed here: Available Pro Reports Tokens - MainWP Documentation

But if you want to add custom, customer-specific data, such as keyword results and most downloaded PDF files, you would have to include that data separately in the email body.

Please feel free to make a suggestion about this on our feedback site. That way, others can vote for it, letting us know which features our users want the most.

In case you would be so inclined, we invite you to build a custom solution. MainWP is developer-friendly, and you can find our MainWP Developer Resources at

Thanks a lot for your reply.

I wont be able to use the Pro Report I believe then, as adding the information outside the Analytics section will be a bit strange.

As per my message here, I still use the custom report and I am able to edit inside the block where Analytics tokens are at.

The reason why I wanted to move to Pro report is because I sent a message here for a problem I was having, such as: CC the report doesn’t work with more than one e-mail. Filtering reports by date doesnt work etc,…

They informed me that Custom Report was discontinued and Pro Report was the way to go.

Would be a lot easier if we could see the sections and edit or add our own data manually.

You mention this:

expand the Analytics section by editing the Pro Report template,

Where can I find a tutorial for this or where can I edit the analytics section if I cant see it?

Many thanks

Unfortunately, the content of the Pro Reports cannot be edited in a way like Client Reports could.

You can find a tutorial on customizing the Pro Reports template here: Pro Reports extension overview - MainWP Documentation

Keep in mind that these are templates, and while they can be expanded with tokens, as explained in the KB linked above, manually adding custom, customer-specific data, such as keyword results and most downloaded PDF files, is not practical.

You would have to edit the template each time you send out the report.

Thank you! In relation to Pro Report being hard to edit and custom report lacking attention from Main Wp. I hope they see my post and fix Custom Reports, that you cant add more than one e-mail to CC, and filters that dont filter per date.

I am trying to move to pro report, but I can see is impossible.

Many thanks

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