Cannot add users to MainWP

Cannot add any users to the website for MainWP main installation.

I am unable to add any new users to the website yet alone see existing users. Since 5.0, now I can’t add my team, I just added 80+ websites to this and cannot grant my team access :frowning:

Hey @andrew1

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This does not look like a MainWP error. However, this issue has been reported to us before.

The issue is likely related to a problem with corrupted roles in the system.

Can you install the User Roles plugin (User Role Editor – WordPress plugin | )

Once installed, check in the list of roles in there:

If you see anything weird not looking like an actual role. There could be more than one item.
Feel free to delete those items.

If you are unsure, you can send me a screenshot of the items in there, and I can tell you what to delete.

That should restore the functionality of the Users page.

Very strange that it’s not a MainWP error, as it’s literally the only thing on this website installation. It’s a blank install that I only installed MainWP and some MainWP extensions.

I assume it’s an issue with Team Control Extension.

I can download that plugin but again, I have no other plugins but MainWP on here

Can you try temporarily deactivating all MainWP plugins and see if that resolves the issue?

And if possible, try installing the aforementioned plugin and check if there are any non-standard user roles in that dropdown.

Well there is certainly some strange roles in here.

Now it concerns me what other database issues there may have been. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for checking.

These roles are certainly non-standard and should be safe to delete. As always, please create a backup just in case.

When this issue was previously reported to us, we checked the MainWP code thoroughly and couldn’t find any indications that it was caused by our plugin.

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