Can't detect plugin? LiteSpeed Cache/CDN issue?

I set up 7 sites on MainWP and everything worked fine. Go back this morning and maybe cache flushed or something because 5 were disconnected and I can’t reconnect. Error is child isn’t installed and this is what the response is throwing:

I’m using LiteSpeed server/cache/CDN and there is a captcha when loading the site originally. How do I get these connected if i’m on LiteSpeed servers? So many websites are I’m sure there is a way around this.

Hopefully someone has figured it out! Thank you!!

Hi @danieldigiacomo

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Can you please try sharing the error response again?

Can you please elaborate on this?
When exactly do you see the captcha on these child sites, and do you know what security layer is actually serving the captcha?
And did you have any issues adding these sites to the MainWP Dashboard?

I was able to add it just fine in the first place. I was installing plugins on all sites. Forcing updates. Things were working on all sites I had connected. Now many are not working. They are all hosted on the same host and server. All other settings are the same. I’ll elaborate on the CDN/Caching setup but like I said most stopped working but a couple did not and doesn’t seem to be consistent with what tech is running the sites.

Here are screenshots of me trying to add back

Thanks for the additional details.

Based on the last screenshot of the Child Site Response, it appears that some kind of a security layer is blocking access to the child sites.

  1. Do you use some security plugins on your child site? If yes, can you try to temporarily disable them and see if that helps?

  2. Do you use Cloudflare or any other cloud proxy firewall? If yes, can you try to whitelist your Dashboard IP or temporarily disable it to see if that helps?

  3. Do you use any kind of server-side security measures such as mod_security or Immunify360? If yes, can you try to temporarily disable them and see if that helps?

  4. If none of the above help, can you please contact your host support and have them check server Firewall logs and see if there are any records of blocked requests from your Dashboard?

The issue is a conflict between LiteSpeed and MainWP and when I search the forum here I get a bunch of random ideas as to what the issue could be but don’t want to go inserting code snippets random places without knowing what the actual issue is.

Maybe there’s some sort of general LiteSpeed set up guide somewhere I’m missing? All litepseed server deployments use the captcha and plenty of people have figured out how to get it working … I’mjust trying to figrue out now lol
Any advice would be helpful. In the meantime I’ll be searching the forum here for a bit of a set up guide.

Hi @danieldigiacomo, based on your last screenshot, where we can see the response that your Dashboard gets when tries to connect sites, it’s definitely the captcha security layer that is blocking requests to the wp-admin/admin-ajax.php script on your child sites. This is actually the file that MainWP needs to make the connection.

I would suggest contacting your host support and asking if they can manage captcha settings, so they can maybe whitelist IP address of your Dashboard site. If they can’t whitelist by IP, maybe they can by user agent or something similar?


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