Can't reconnect to a site - Could not resolve host

Hi, I can not reconnect to one of my sites. The error message I get is “Connection test failed. Could not resolve host:

Background: The client changed their domain registrar and somehow they messed something up and the domain wasn’t reachable for several hours. They got it finally to work yet it took a few more hours till the DNS had propagated. When I now type in the URL in the browser the site is available. When I click inside my MainWP dashboard to access the site I get to the sites backend, no problem. However it won’t reconnect. Any ideas?

This domain hasn’t been registered, so it’s unavailable. Probably there’s an error in the name, so please check that of copy the name from your address bar on the site that does load.

UPDATE: I see that the correct name is “” and that one can connect successfully.

Hey Joe, yes, sorry that was a typo in my message. Seems that this was still an issue with the DNS probably not completely migrated also I was waiting more than 24 hours. In any case the site has connected again to my MainWP dashboard. Sorry for the false alarm!


Hi @Liquidambient

This is very likely the case. DNS propagation can take up to 48 hours.

You can also ask your Dashboard site host provider to flush the DNS cache from the server and see if that speeds up the process.

@Liquidambient I have review this ticket & we were wondering if you were able to get this resolved.

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Hi, thanks for the follow up. Yes, as indicated in my reply before, the site has connected again.


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