Cant reconnect to child site?

Main WP Child plugin not detected? Its there suddenly connection just dissapeared?

Hi Morgan, can you tell me what response do you get from the Test Connection feature if you test this child site?

I’m also unable to reconnect to sites after the 4.1 update. Here’s what appears in the dashboard error log:

mainwp-activated-check is deprecated since version 4.1! Use mainwp_activated_check instead.
mainwp-extension-enabled-check is deprecated since version 4.1! Use mainwp_extension_enabled_check instead.

@peacekeeper Please check some other posts about the deprecated errors. If you update all the installed extensions to the latest version, these issues should be solved.

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I already checked those posts. Everything is updated. I still cannot reconnect to any site.

Please check again. I also thought that they were updated, but they weren’t. There’s another post for that issue. The fastest way is reinstalling all the extensions you use to make sure you get the latest versions.

Okay, let’s forget about the deprecated errors. I reinstalled all extensions and those errors are gone.

But the real issue in the title of this post remains. I cannot reconnect to any sites.

Apparently the problem with MainWP Dashboard 4.1.1 is even more fundamental. Not only can I not reconnect to a site if it has been disconnected. If I go to Sites>Manages Sites I get a spinning circle that says loading and it never stops.

Hi @peacekeeper, can you please try deactivate the “Optimize for Big Networks and Shared Hosting” option on the MainWP Settings page and see if that solves the problem with loading the Manage Sites page.

Regarding the connection issue, please send us more details. Connection problems can be caused by variety of different reasons. The most common ones are security measures on child site.

I would need to know the following so I can help:

  1. Do you have some security plugin(s) on the child sites that are disconnected?
  2. Do you use Cloudflare or any other Clould proxy firewall?
  3. Did you move your child sites to a different host recently?
  4. What error message do you get when you try to reconnect your child sites?
  5. What response do you get from the Test Connection feature?

Inexplicably, after 10 hours the problems disappeared. I’m able to reconnect to sites and the Manage Sites page is fine. I’ll post again if the problems recur.

Thank you!

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@peacekeeper you probably needed to hard refresh your page or clear your browser cache. These issues could be caused by old versions of scripts in the local cache that conflict with the newer ones on the site.
I usually open the DevTools of my browser and have the “Disable cache” option checked on the Network tab.Then I browse the most used pages so everything gets refreshed. :slight_smile:

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