Child site notes should be better

A good feature with an “ok” execution at best.

The textarea should be a WYSISYG. It’s 2021.

The entered text is not escaped properly:

The text displayed is not refreshed after you “Save Note”. You have to manually refresh the page.

It is pretty easy to fix and would make it a lot better!

Thank you in advance!

@maximejobin Thank you for your input. I have moved this to the [Feature Request] category since it’s better suited here.

As it may take time for your request to be viewed/voted on, keep in mind that MainWP is in fact Open Source giving you the opportunity to pretty easily fix or alter MainWP as you see fit.

Please find our Development Documentation here We always welcome pull requests!

Thank you for your patience.

Thank you for your fast answer @kwcjr !

Do you have a roadmap of what you are working on right now? I saw the “roadmaps” on the site linking on meta… but they are not roadmaps as far as I know.

I’m willing to invest time to customize MainWP but I don’t want to build something you are also working on that could be released soon.

Does that make sense?

Oh! And as for the escaping bug, do we really have to vote on it? Could it be fixed soon?

@maximejobin Our Roadmaps are at this time due to the amount of requests we get it’s the simplest way for us to keep on top of it all. You can do a search for “[planned]” within each category which will give you a list of things that are in the “Planning” stage for being implemented. If it’s not marked “Planned” then it’s not planned yet.

However, I can most confidently say that we don’t have any current plans for the Notes Feature at this time.

Yes, @bogdan can have the Dev Team look into the escaping issue.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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