Child Sites Plugin Update Bug

There areas to be a bug in the update page of MainWP.

Let me setup the scenario. I have found that updating Elementor and Elementor Pro at the same time has encountered errors when Elementor Pro was trying to update. Therefore, I have been updating Elementor first and then update Elementor Pro. This seems to work out fine.

Now, when I go into the Updates > Plugins page I select just the Elementor plugin and select Update Selected, which works fine. However, when the update page refreshes the site that still has other plugins yet to update, (including Elementor Pro) disappears from the update list. When I go to the Overview dashboard of the site it states that there are no updates. That is until I sync the site again and all the previous updates come back to the update list and show back up on the update plugins page.

This also happens when you select the Update Now button for the individual plugin for the site. But because this is done via AJAX and the page does not refresh so you don’t notice that the other updates have also been removed from the site.

Below is a link to a folder with two screencasts I’ve done to so this bug.

Shared Screencast Folder

Hey @kwsim

Thanks for reporting this to us and for recording the screencasts.

We’ve tried to reproduce this behavior with non-Elementor plugins but couldn’t.
It’s possible that Elementor and Elementor Pro have a particular interaction so that when you first update Elementor via MainWP, and the Dashboard syncs with that Child Site, it temporarily reports no available updates for Elementor Pro.

Can you please see if the Child Site disappears from the update list on the Dashboard > Updates > Plugins Updates page when you update some other, non-Elementor, plugin?

Sure. When some other groups of plugins become available test this out.

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OK. something weird is going on. I updated a single plugin, while Elementor and ElementorPro updates were available, (along with 2 others) and once the page refreshed after the single update Elementor Pro and another plugin disappeared. I had to sync the site to get the missing plugins back.

I have added the screencast to the shared folder in my opening post.

a) Just to clarify - there were 4 available updates, Elementor, Elementor Pro and two others.
Which single plugin did you update, and which plugins were missing? The way I’m reading it, of the three remaining plugins, two of them disappeared until you re-synced. If so, which ones?

b) Can you please try disabling all non-MainWP plugins and try repeating the same process?

c) And can you please post the community system report from your MainWP Dashboard for review? The report is located in your Dashboard under Info → Server, on the top right of the page.

Be sure to use the button like the one below; this button hides all your private information:


Pressing the button auto-copies the report to your clipboard then just paste it in a reply here.

I recognize this behavior and it’s probably related to the response a child site gives back after an update. It might be caused by inferior hosting.

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