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I am trying to add my dashboard site to Wordfence Central. It is saying that I cannot add because the URL of the dashboard site is redirecting to another URL. This makes sense becuase I have setup a 301 redirection URL in the Clean and Lock extension. Does this mean that I cannot have URL redirects enabled if I want to use Wordfence on my dashboard site?

I am not sure how the Wordfence Central works, but if there is a specific URL that the system needs to use, you can make the URL exclusion. This should not affect the Wordfence plugin functionality though.

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Thanks Bogdan, ill investigate the exclusions further and report back.


@IBCreative Sometimes 3rd-party tools require what’s called “Redirect URLs” that they need to connect to your MainWP Dashboard. You will want to add these here; To add a screen shot to @bogdan’s suggestion.

Please let us know if you were successful.

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