Cleanup uploads folder MainWP Dashboard


I was browsing through my server and found that the uploads folder of my MainWP dashboard site was much bigger than expected. It’s about the folder /wp-content/uploads/mainwp/

In there I have a folder named “0” that’s containing lots of old folders with numbers (site IDs) with old backups from the time that MainWP was still used to backup sites.

Is there something that can help cleanup from the dashboard or an overview of folders that can still be used (so we know what other folders can probably be removed)?

Off course I can take a backup and cleanup myself, but others might also want some help with this, so that’s also the reason of this post.

Hi Jos, you are right, /wp-content/uploads/mainwp/backup/0/ contains only backup files from the old legacy backup feature. I assume that you don’t use this as your primary backup feature so you can simply delete all those files.

I’ve removed the numbered folders, but there were also bulk, favorites and uploader. I see that favorites is used by the Favorites Extension. I’m not sure about the other 2 (they are empty).

But this already saved 75% (450MB) of my diskspace… :slight_smile:

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Yes, you can keep favorites, uploader and bulk folders in place.

Folders that are named with numbers were used for backups. The number actually represents ID of child site.

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