Client login to parent site to access child site

I am looking for a solution or ideas on how to achieve the following.
I would like my clients to be able to log into my parent site and they can then access their website admin (child site). The difference is, I do not want the clients to have full admin role on parent and child site. They should only have editor role (or some custom role)

Why would you want to do that? It makes it hard for you to track who does what since all access from MainWP to a child site is under a single account and as you know each user should have their own account for security.

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MainWP Dashboard was not intended to be shared with clients.

​​However, we do have an extension called Team Control, which was designed with team members in mind and can be used to create custom roles and set custom privileges to created roles.

​Please keep in mind that Team Control is only used to set privileges in the MainWP Dashboard.

So, if you would want to limit the privileges in the WP Admin and not let your clients be administrators with full rights in WP Admin, an additional method would have to be used for that.

Try using this plugin: Multiple Roles – WordPress plugin |

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You cant track anything regardless. everyone is logging in with the one admin account.

Exactly my point. My MainWP site is for me (or my team), but my clients log in to their site directly using their own account. I also have an account on the client site which I use to connect via MainWP. On my client site I run an activity log plugin.