Client reports: The tokens are deleted when I click save

I’m having a problem with client reports. If I fill in the “send to” fields with any of the available client tokens, the tokens are automatically deleted when I click on “save report”.

For example, if I want to fill in the “email” field using the token [], when I click save, the field is cleared.

Am I doing something wrong?


Hey @adrianom

We couldn’t reproduce this issue with Client Reports 4.0.14.

When creating a new report, all field in the Send to are saved properly.

Please make sure that you enter the Report title and Send from information as those two are required fields, and without them, the report cannot be saved.

Hi @bojan,

Unfortunately that’s not the case, I have added title and date range but still can’t get it to work. But I did new tests and things get even weirder.

If I fill the fields with any token, it saves correctly, as shown in the following image:

However, if in the email field I change the token to [] and press save, the four “send to” fields are erased:

Thanks for the update.

That is indeed rather strange behavior.

Would you mind opening a private Help Desk ticket so we can collect some additional information & investigate further?

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