Cloudflare Cache Not Purged When Updates Applied to Site

I am using the Cache Control plugin. It works well for sites running a supported caching plugin. On some sites, I am using Super Page Cache for Cloudflare. This is not a supported plugin. Because of this, I have entered Clouflare API key specific for this site under the site settings:

Whenever I apply updates to the site, I see no record of the cache being cleared according to the Cache Control logs.

The Cloudflare column is always 0. What does this actually represent? If the cache is indeed being cleared, where would I see this?

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Can you please go to the Cache Control settings page for the site in question (depicted here Awesome Screenshot) and instead of “Use Global Settings”, select “Yes” in the dropdown, and see if that helps?

We are looking into this, but I believe that a non-0 value should be in that column if CloudFlare Cache Control is enabled for that site.

Thanks @bogdan. I made those changes and then applied a plugin update. No change to the results. Should I open a case?

Thanks for the update.

Sure, please do go ahead and open a private help desk ticket: Help Desk ticket.

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@JHAvila I was not able to produce that behavior on Global Settings but after further investigation I found that the Conditional used to fire off the Purge was not being set during the saving of the Child Site Settings.

Here is a copy of the Pre-Release Patch ( Same Version # ) Feel free to use this copy until the fix is realeased.

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Hey @kwcjr … I installed the plugin but don’t really see any difference. When I look at the cache control logs, some sites that don’t have a supported plugin show as enabled with Cloudflare and others. I will upload the screenshot to the case I created. Thanks for jumping on this.

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Since the individual CF settings are technically for when there is more then one CF account & the issue lies within those settings -

Can you try using the Global Settings to see if it only picks up that one site as using CF? It should skip all other sites if they are not detected during the initial check ( which happens after saving settings )

The last patch was functional on my testing environment - but obviously something is still crossed… We are actively working on a new patch. Thank you very much for your response & patience.

@bojan asked me to put the screenshot here from after applying the patch:

Some sites show Cloudflare when no supported plugin is present and other do. Only the last one in the list has site specific Cloudflare API credentials. There is no global API credentials because I don’t want to purge the cache on all other CF enabled sites when just one site is getting the updates.

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@JHAvila Thanks for the screen shot - that was helpful to understand a bit more.

I have done extensive testing on this version & it seams to be saving, purging & logging correctly…

After, installing this version ( 4.0.1beta1 ), be sure to:

  • re-save your Global / Individual Settings
  • then re-sync
  • run a “Manual Purge & or Update” from the sites / individual Overview page.
  • proceed to check that your Sites Page is listing the correct Cache Plugins / Solutions as shown in my screenshots below.

KEEP IN MIND: Cloudflare will only be detected during an Update or Manual Purge.

To answer one of your original questions ‘0’ under the Cloudflare column denotes that Cloudflare was not found to be used on that Domain ( Child Site ).





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