Cloudflare page rule & Hide Login Plugin

Kind of a long story, but I removed MainWP from all of my sites and will try one last time.

A couple of weeks ago MainWp would send me emails about every twenty minutes saying one site was disconnected. But no emails about outdated plugins or themes for my other sites. All requirements for MainWP are met or exceeded. And just to say, after deactivating and deleting it, I ran a DB checker and MainWP leaves alot of Junk behind.

Anyway, my sites were getting hit with approximately 100 failed login attempts per day. This does not include iThemes blocking Xmlrpc. php

So I created a page rule in CF for wp-login.php to check the browser integrity. I also uploaded “WPS Hide Login”

I only mention this to be sure that they will not interfere with MainWP. My problems with MainWP began before I implemented these.

I am going to try one more time to get MainWP to work. Wish me luck.

@Lemarque I am not sure exactly what you are asking us to help you with. MainWP shouldn’t be setting cloudflair off as “failed logins” This sounds like your sites are being hit by a brute force attack.

If you have a specific MainWP Issue you would like help with let us know and we will be sure to help you out.

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That "junk’ is there so if you accidentally disable the plugin you don’t need to start from the beginning resetting up your site. However, we can look into a verification to delete DB information on removal in a future update.

As far as your login page issue, MainWP does not use the login page or Xmlrpc.php it connects through the OpenSSL Extension on your server, so blocking those will not affect MainWP at all.


Deactivate or Delete? The junk was after deleting and it takes three clicks to delete so hardly accidental.

The ‘tone’ of my post is due to MWP ceasing to work. And I don’t have time to chase a squirrel up a tree. As I mentioned all I was receiving was emails approx. every twenty minutes that one site was disconnected. No notifications of available updates. MWP was installed on a clean Twenyfifteen install dedicated to MWP and had been working fine up until approx three weeks ago. And as I mentioned it met or exceed all requirements.

I’ve removed the site and will re-install one last time. My only reference to Cloudflare page rules and the login page, etc. was for full disclosure.

In that case, it is probably best to open a ticket so someone can look at your setup directly and we don’t have to do as much back and forth troubleshooting on an open forum. Go to My Account - MainWP WordPress Management and reference this thread and include login information for your Dashboard and Child site with the issue.

Once support has that information they’ll be able to look into your issue and hopefully help you catch your squirrel.

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As I said:

To be continued …

Thanks for the update, follow the steps above if you have an issue again and support will be ready to help.

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