Conflicting security issues with MainWP?

Dear support,

I have enabled the following security options (see image) on my Mainwp Dashboard wp install and I am wondering if this is causing any issues with my MainWP setup?

Also, on the same host, I also host some of my clients website. Will I cause any issues with MainWP sync if I enable all the same settings on my clients account/wp install?

My goal is to protect all my WP install as much as possible without too much hassel.


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Hi @Chrilles_Wybrandt

While those options likely won’t cause issues with MainWP functionality, we cannot claim for certain that they won’t.

Some of them are fairly vague (e.g. Bot protection) and it’s rather hard to estimate their effect.

We also cannot know for sure that some of these features won’t change in the future and that they won’t cause issues then.

Our suggestion would be to observe the behavior after you enable the options, and if you spot any breakage, to disable the options one by one until you isolate the culprit.

We can then take a closer look at that particular option and why it might be causing an issue.

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Thanks a lot for getting back.
I fully understand your point, and I will keep an eye of any issues.


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