Connection timeout

I try to reconnect a website but getting this error:
“HTTP error - Connection timed out after 10002 milliseconds”

How to proceed?

The client server might block the IP of your dashboard or the server running your dashboard might block the IP of the client site. Information about what changed on one of both ends could help as well.

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Hey @alainL

We have a help document that covers the most common reasons for the “Connection Timed out” error: Can’t connect Website, getting the "Connection timed out" error message! - MainWP Documentation

Please review the steps outlined in it and see if it helps.

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Hello Jos, thanks for your reply. I contacted the hosting but there is no blocking active.

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Hello Bojan, thanks for your reply. I followed each step in the link but it did not help: I still get a http connection time out.

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Thanks for the update.

What result do you get when you perform Test Connection for this child site?

Can you please contact your hosting support of the affected child sites again and have them check server logs and see if there are any records of blocked requests from your Dashboard?

​​You may also try contacting the hosting support of the Dashboard and have them run tracert command from the Dashboard toward the affected child site. That could give us confirmation that a security rule on the child site is indeed blocking the connection from the Dashboard site.

Hello Bojan,
Thanks for the reply. Clicking the Test Connection button also gives me a http connection timeout error.
I already contacted the hosting several times but they insist that nothing is blocking me on the server.

Thanks for the update.

Can you try contacting the hosting support of the Dashboard and have them run tracert command from the Dashboard toward the affected child site.

If the tracert doesn’t complete, that would mean that the issue isn’t related to MainWP but to the network connectivity between the Dashboard and the Child site. Specifically, it would mean that the Child site is refusing the connection.

And afterward, the Child site host could be presented with that information and asked to reinvestigate.

Hello Bojan,
Thanks for the follow up.
The hosting from the dashboard did a tracert to the child site. The tracert did not reach the child site.
I contacted the hosting from the child site and told them the output from the tracert. Waiting for their reply now.

The hosting from the client website whitelisted my dashboard IP. But I still get connection timeout error.

Thanks for the update.

Considering that tracert fails to reach the site, we have a confirmation that the issue is not related to MainWP.

At this point, you may try asking the Dashboard hosting provider to run the tracert again considering the Child hosting has whitelisted the IP, and if it fails again, unfortunately, there isn’t much of a recourse than to present the result of tracert to Child host again and have them invesitage further.

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