Cost Tracker Date Change Bug

Any time you make any change/update to a cost. The purchase date changes to the previous day.

For example, if you have a purchase date set to 28FEB2024, and you change the cost (say adding or removing a site) after saving, the purchase date will be set to 27FEB2024. Make another change, and it’ll roll to 26FEB2024.

Hey @cgscomputers

I am unable to reproduce this behavior.

I tried changing the associated site, cost, and other values, but the Purchase Date does not get rolled back to the day before.

Would you mind making a screen recording of this behavior for us?

So I confirmed it, and was going to record a video for you… and then Dashboard v5.0.1 was released and I updated it. Now it works haha. Something in 5.0.1 must have fixed it.


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