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beside my clients’ sites, I am also managing my own sites. I added all costs to the cost tracker and ticked all client sites - but not my own sites. In the detail page of my own sites, no costs are shown:

But on the Website overview, I see costs of 52,73 Euros for all of my own sites:


Cheers Peter

Hey @pheck1964

I am unable to reproduce this.

Did you assign these costs to sites or perhaps to tags or clients?

And are you using the official v5 release or one of the earlier RC releases?

I use V5 Release, not the Beta.
For costs distributed to all of the 21 clients, I use a tag. In this tag, I have 21 clients defined. None of my sites are member of this tag.
For the others I individually assigned the sites or the customers.

Thanks for the additional information @pheck1964 .

I did manage to reproduce it now.

I’ve passed it along to the development team and it will be fixed in the next release.

We’ve just released MainWP Dashboard v5.0.1, which includes a fix for this issue.

Thanks again for reporting it to us.

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Thanks - it works now!

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