cPanel Wordpress Toolkit

cPanel now comes with WordPress Toolkit WordPress Toolkit | cPanel
A suite of tools for managing all the wordpress installs on a server.

I find myself using both MainWP and WordPress Toolkit. The toolkit provides the following.
Updates, Backups, Snapshots, Smart Update, Clone, Staging, Secure

This is in the simplest terms. It’s best to read more about it here. If there is any way to tie into WordPress Toolkit to run the functions from MainWP it would give MainWP a broader scope of functionality.

@Edward_O_Rourke Looks like the CLI would be the best way to integrate? WordPress Toolkit Command Line Interface | cPanel & WHM Documentation

That and or the cPanel API Return all WordPress sites' backup status · cPanel & WHM Developer Portal
But that seams pretty limited pertaining to WP.

Just as long as there is an API or CLI command this should be doable in theory.