Create a post to a child site via mainwp RESTAPI?

Is there any way like, i want to Create a post to a specific child site via mainwp RESTAPI?

Hey @asif

Welcome to the MainWP community.

Creating posts/pages is not currently supported by MainWP REST API.

All MainWP REST API calls, including full documentation, and examples, are publicly available on Postman.

You can find more about our REST API here: MainWP REST API

Thank you for your quick reply.
If i want to develop this by my developer, i can do that? can you tell me any guideline/or where i need to work, to develop that? @ Bojan Katusic

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The reason why MainWP doesn’t have the API calls for creating posts/pages is because it is already supported natively in the WordPress REST API:

All MainWP developer documentation, should you need it, is available here:

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