Create Custom Report token with data from child site

Hello to all,
Many of us want Itheme Pro to be supported, but also want Itheme Tokens to be available for our customer reports.
While waiting for this to be available, I was wondering how we could find an alternative solution.
I’d love to highlight the number of brute force tokens blocked by Itheme, in the report sent to customers.

I’m thinking that this information is present in the database of the child site, so we could then retrieve this information and inject it directly into our reports.

There is a member of the forum, Darren King, who indicated on a post using a snippet to retrieve information from his child site, this could be a working base…

If other people are interested, we could help each other to move forward on the subject…

Regards :wink:


So the number of brute force requests blocked per child site?

I am sure that data is stored in on of the itsec database tables that iThemes Security Pro uses.

More data and tokens related to itheme Pro would be very nice to present to the client. Lots of clients don’t fully understand (or appreciate) the plugin updates done every month. But if you show them how often their sites are subject to brute force attacks and other malicious activity, I think that would help them see the value for WP management service.

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Hello, yes the information is available in the Itheme application database.

In the itsec_logs table are logged the events of Itheme.
Attempts of type brute-force are specified in the module column of the table.
Of course, each event is accompanied by a timestamp which is present in the timestamp column.

I’m thinking that by using a WP_Query, it would be possible to retrieve the number of attack attempts per brute-force on the child site.

It would then remain to retrieve this information to the dashboard site in order to contain it in a token so that this information appears in the client report.

One approach might be to draw inspiration from what Darren King does to retrieve information from his site-child, and share a snippet of his code to do so: [Extension Request] Addition of Client Reports [Tokens] for MainWP Code Snippets "return info from child sites" - #4 by dsbking

For the moment, it’s a bit beyond my field of expertise…
I continue to search…

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