Crons not working with wp-cron

Since the wp-cron did not work for me and almost no crons were executed, I have now entered all crons individually via crontab.

I have set up the following crons, can you tell me if I have done all of them or if there are important crons that are still missing?

* */12 * * * 	| php -q "/home/kazyfeza/public_html/"
0 7 * * *		| php -q "/home/kazyfeza/public_html/"
* * * * *		| php -q "/home/kazyfeza/public_html/"
0 * * * *		| php -q "/home/kazyfeza/public_html/"
0 * * * * 		| php -q "/home/kazyfeza/public_html/"

0 1 * * *		| php -q "/home/kazyfeza/public_html/"
0 7 * * *		| php -q "/home/kazyfeza/public_html/"
* * * * *		| php -q "/home/kazyfeza/public_html/"

0 1 * * *		| php -q "/home/kazyfeza/public_html/"
* * * * *		| php -q "/home/kazyfeza/public_html/"

php -q "/home/kazyfeza/public_html/"
php -q "/home/kazyfeza/public_html/"
php -q "/home/kazyfeza/public_html/"

Thank you very much for your help.


Hey @Memurame

These Crons appear to be configured correctly, but I will double-check with the development team and update you via this thread as soon as possible.

So something is not working properly with the MainWP crons. I switched back to wp-cron yesterday. However, I can see from the following photo that the crons are not running as planned. When I had manually set up the crons individually as independent crons, they were all executed as planned.

Currently we have 9.1.2023 at 07:45 am.

I have set up a separate cron for the wp-cron which is executed every 1 minute.
php -q "/home/kazyfeza/public_html/" > /dev/null 2>&1

All other WordPress cron jobs are executed correctly via the wp-cron, just not the cron for MainWP.
I have set the Use Wp-Cron setting to True

Apart from that, the cron list in MainWP is not complete. I still have the Pro Raport plugin installed, these crons are not listed at the top of the list. It would be helpful if all existing cron of all mainWP extensions would be listed.

Hey @Memurame

We’ve identified an issue with MainWP Cron in version v4.6 of the Dashboard.

The fix for it will be released very soon - likely today.

More information in this thread:


We’ve just released version v4.6.0.1 of the MainWP Dashboard, which includes the fix for the WP Cron.

Please let us know if that solves the issue for you.

Thank you for fixing the bug so quickly.
Very good support.

Works wonderfully.

Best regards

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