Custom Child Theme showing as Abandoned

I have a couple of custom child themes I use. This theme only uses 4 files:


I updated the version number in style.css, which properly displays in my MainWP dashboard… but it still continues to get flagged under the “Abandoned Themes” section and shows that is was “Updated 2284 days ago”.

Where is MainWP getting this timestamp?


Does the child theme have a name, that’s also used by an old (2284 days) regular theme on

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That is exactly it. My theme that I named “Custom” is showing the exact same “last update” as a theme using same name there.

Thanks again,

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If you create your own theme or plugin, it’s always a good idea, to give it a unique name. You can prefix it with your name, initials or whatever. So use “scoopy-custom-theme” for example.


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