Daily Digest Email and Dashboard Don't Match Up?

Hi. When I compare the Daily Digest to the Dashboard, the Digest often says “All your child sites are up to date!” while the Dashboard says “## Total Updates,” and under Update Details, show wordpress Updates, #Plugin Updates, etc.

Is this a disconnect between the Digest and the Dashboard? Am I getting wrong info in one or the other? How do I know which is correct?

Thank you!

Hi @Armando-A

Do you notice these discrepancies every time, or only sometimes?
And when they do happen, how big are they? Are there a few updates available on the Dashboard, or dozens/hundreds?

If it is happening sometimes, then the likely reason is the fact that the Daily Digest emails and the Dashboard sync times do not occur at the same time.

So you may get a Daily Digest email stating no available updates, and at that moment, that information is correct.
However, sometimes later - could be even minutes later - the Dashboard will perform synchronization, and new information containing available updates will be fetched from Child Sites.

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