Daily Digest Email Documentation

Is there more documentation about the Daily Digest emails?

For example, it seems they are not always sent daily. Are they only sent when there are new updates available? Or are they also sent when there are updates to do, but these updates are not new updates anymore (for example, I chose to not update some plugins yesterday)?

Is there a way to manually trigger the Daily Digest emails (for testing purposes)?

When are they sent? Is there a way to set the time?


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Hey @peter-fb

Scheduled emails such as Daily Digest depend on the core feature of WordPress, WP-Cron, to work.

However, if there is no network activity on the website, such as you frequently logging into the Dashboard site, WP-Cron will not trigger, and the cron jobs will not run.

If you want to make sure that WP-Cron jobs are regularly triggered on your MainWP Dashboard, you can add your Dashboard site as a monitor to an uptime service such as Uptime Robot.
The Uptime Robot will ping your dashboard site regularly and make sure that all scheduled events are occurring.

There isn’t a way to change the time they are sent, and they cannot be manually triggered, but we have a hook that you can use to increase the frequency of the Daily Digest emails to a maximum of twelve times per day:

You can also use your own Cron jobs instead of WP-Cron and you can find details on how to so in this article: Disable WP Cron - MainWP Documentation

add_filter( 'mainwp_updatescheck_sendmail_for_each_auto_sync_finished', 'myhook_mainwp_updatescheck_sendmail_for_each_auto_sync_finished', 10, 2 );

function myhook_mainwp_updatescheck_sendmail_for_each_auto_sync_finished() {

return true;

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Hi Bojan,

Thank your for your post. :slight_smile:

WP Cron should work fine on my MainWP website, I have a cron job running wp-cron.php every 5 minutes. And WP-Cron is enabled on the MainWP Advanced Settings page.

But the page Disable WP Cron - MainWP Documentation is very interesting, thanks for that, I didn’t know about it.

The reason I started this thread is because yesterday I got a daily digest email, but today I didn’t get one. There are still plugins that should be updated, though. So does one get daily digest emails only when there are new updates available?

The Daily Digest emails should be getting sent out even if there are no available updates.

Even though you have WP Cron set to run every 5 minutes, please keep in mind that it will not trigger if there isn’t any activity on the site. In which case, adding the Dashboard site to an uptime monitor which will continuously ping the site may be a good idea.

OK, so I should get at least one daily digest per day, that’s good to know.

I have this cron job in cPanel, it runs every 5 minutes:

/usr/local/bin/php /home/username/public_html/wp-cron.php >/dev/null 2>&1

You’re saying it will not trigger MainWP if there is no activity on the site? And I need an uptime monitor service?

Because when I look at the cron events page of Crontrol then it looks fine, events seem to get triggered. The only thing is that it takes up to 5 minutes to do so. Should I maybe run the cPanel cron job every minute?

With that kind of Cron setup, you don’t need an uptime monitoring service, so the cPanel cron should be sufficient.

Try disabling WP Cron in the wp-config.php file, and also disable the Use WP Cron option on the Dashboard > Settings > Advanced Settings page, and see if that helps.

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