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I have the dashboard lock extension enabled and has been for a while. The only thing I ever used was the IP based restriction. I decided to test it but there seems to be an issue.

My IP is whitelisted and when I used a VPN to change my IP and login, I was able to to without a problem. Is the IP restriction supposed to work with other lock features or is simply supposed to show a 404 page or something? Either way, I was able to log in using a random IP. The IP was detected by the extension.

Thank you

Hi @kgps

Using the MainWP Dashboard v4.6.0.1 and Dashboard Lock v4.0.2 I couldn’t reproduce this behavior.

After I added my IP to the allow list, I enabled a VPN, opened a new Incognito browser window, and was blocked from accessing the login page:

Check if you have any exclusions added in the settings of your VPN that might cause your browser to not use the VPN tunnel. Usually, this is called Split Tunneling.

Thanks @bojan ,

Turns out I had to save the setting again and then started to work. Not sure what that was about!

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