Dashboard lock ipv4 and ipv6

I have installed the MainWP Dashboard Lock extension. And with it I have inputted my IPv4 and IPv6 IP address. But I found out my IPv6 is each day different. So I tried it with a IPv6 with the last 4 filled with a wildcard (*). But even then I get a 403 Forbidden message. My IPv4 is always the same, but it only checks on the IPv6. I have another MainWP Dashboard with this extension and that one is only checks on the IPv4. How can I tell this extension to check on the IPv4 or how can I make the IPv6 with wildcards working?

Hi @mnpronk

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This is an unusual issue, so I’ll have to check with the development team.

I’ll update you via this thread as soon as I have more information.

Hi Bojan,

Thank you!

Alright. I’ll keep an eye on this thread. If you need more information of some sort. Let me know.

The development team informed me that Dashboard Lock doesn’t support .htaccess rules for IPv6.

They will research it further and evaluate the feasibility of implementing support for it.

Hello Bojan,

Thanks for letting me know. I’ll await the update with the IPv6 feature in it.
Can you inform me on the progress in this support ticket?

Sure, I’ll update you via this thread once we release the Dashboard Lock update.

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