Dashboard presents plugins and theme updates with red x

I’ve been using MainWP for quite some time with minor issues that seem to get fixed with each new release, however something strange started a few days ago for reasons I haven’t been able to troubleshoot on my own.

Whenever I apply and update individually or apply all updates for themes and plugins, the dashboard presents a red X next to each plugin and/or theme as if the update did not apply, but when I log directly into the WordPress dashboard of each site, the updates did apply. Is this a known bug, or is there some fix you might suggest for this?

Using Dashboard: Version
Child plugin: Version
Firefox: Version 115.0.2
Chrome: Version 114.0.5735.198
Intentionally Blank Theme: Version: 3.0.3

Hi @FreshView

Does this happen for all sites or only some? And are all affected sites on the same hosting, or do they have something else in common?

For example, do they have a plugin installed that might be causing a conflict, or perhaps have the same security plugin installed?
Is Cloudflare being used for those sites or some other cloud proxy firewall?
Do they all have the same PHP version, which is different than the other site?

And can you please hover your mouse over the red X icon and let us know what the tooltip says?

Bojan, I think I just found the issue, and it’s related to the Really Simple SSL Pro plugin that just introduced some new (and Beta) security settings. I am resetting and deleting that plugin now to see if I’m correct.

Bojan, I have now confirmed that it was the Really Simple SSL Pro plugin that was causing the issue. This was installed in my MainWP WordPress, which when force uninstalled per the support documents for that plugin (rather than deactivated, which I previously thought would be enough for troubleshooting), solved the issue. This report can now be closed.

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Great, I’m glad you managed to find the cause and thank you for updating us.

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