Dashboard reporting incorrect plugin updates data

Regardless of how many times I sync the dashboard with sites the manage sites dashboard shows varying numbers of updates as being available against every site which I know isnt the case, if I click on the number of updates to see details it tells me there are no updates available. Why is the dashboard showing an incorrect number and how do I rectify it as it somewhat seems to defeat the object if I have to click on every site to ensure that there arent any updates to perform.

Thanks in advance for any help provided.

Hey @Dalton

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Can you please provide some screenshots and more specific details about this.

You can take one child site as an example.
Then, provide a screenshot of where you’re seeing available updates and then another screenshot of where you’re seeing no available updates.

Then check the actual number of available updates directly in the WP Admin of the child sites and provide a screenshot of that.

Thank you for your reply.
Have spent ages trying to reply as your system wont allow more than one image upload or more than two links. I have attached the first which is showing that updates are required on all sites.

which includes Bridlingtonstationers.com requiring 5 updates.

I can confirm that when clicking on the number for updates it advises no updates are available which can be seen here Awesome Screenshot

I cannot send a third image but can confirm that the wordpress dashboard shows no updates due.

The above were taken following a succesfull sync of all sites.
we are running version 6.4.3 of wordpress and version of MainWP Dashboard.

Thank you for your help, hope this helps.

The site overview (first) image shows there are 5 theme updates, but on the second image it’s filtered to show the plugin updates, which are none (as the first image shows. So start with adjusting the filter on the second image and compare that with the themes on the child site.

Thanks Jos,
I understand what’s happening now, thank you for explaining.


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