Database updater - update all button not working in v5.0.3

I can’t run the Update all or update selected on the database updater v5.0.3, whenever I click on the Update all button it just opens the list of updates, and in the browser console there’s an error

mainwp-database-updater.js?ver=1.2:20 Uncaught
ReferenceError: bulkTaskRunning is not defined
at mainwp_db_updater_updatesoverview_plugins_upgrade_all (mainwp-database-updater.js?ver=1.2:20:5)
at HTMLAnchorElement.onclick (admin.php?page=Updat…db-updates:4936:243)

I have cleaned caches, disabled the plugin and re-enabled it but still having the same issue.

Another thing that is annoying is that this Discourse forum closes down the topic automatically in couple of days even if other people have issues (you can see the threads regarding this extension and the fact that the issue is not actually solved but all threads are locked)
Can you please disable this automatic locking of a post/thread or at least make it 30 days of inactivity as it’s a pain to just open a new one, plus your team is losing time with the same request. cc @dennis thank you.

Hey @dcgavril

I cannot reproduce this issue with Database Updater v5.0.3 and Dashboard v5.1.

JavaScript files might still be cached in your browser.

Can you please perform a hard refresh (Ctrl + Shift +R / Command + Shift + R), or try in a different browser preferably in an Incognito/Private window?

Like in the previous posts any issues with 5.0.3 were related to local caching. I’ve just installed the database updates for the Elementor updates from today using the Update all button and without issues.

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Thank you for the reply @bojan @josklever

As I was saying I’ve actually cleared caches(even disabled it all together- LiteSpeed server), disabled/enabled the plugin, opened in incognito, but still having the same issue. The only way is to manually run each update. It was working ok in the previous versions of the Database updater plugin.

Finally, I realised that I have Cloudflare for this domain and even if I cleared the cache it still didn’t work, but when I disabled the caching completely(development mode) it started working again, I will need to debug it further because it’s weird, maybe some minification or something else is messing with the MainWP JS.

Anyway, thank you for your help and please set these posts to close automatically after a bit more time as 4-5 days is not enough especially if there’s a weekend or some holidays.


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