Disable Google FLoC in WordPress

Disable Google FLoC in WordPress on your child site.

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Execute on Child Sites


function disable_floc($headers) {
    $headers['Permissions-Policy'] = 'interest-cohort=()';
    return $headers;
add_filter('wp_headers', 'disable_floc');

This one is a must have! Thanks @sebastian-moran. Really appreciate this one…

@sebastian-moran - I just pushed it to our own website: https://wpexpert.ca and it doesn’t appear! We are using Oxygen, so not a theme. Is it possible that it doesn’t work with Oxygen?
I cleared the cache as well, just in case…

Not tested it with Oxygen.

You could also test using Disable FLoC – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org

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Thanks, @sebastian-moran but I will prefer to use a snippet than adding a plugin… I will try to figure it out.
Maybe need to put in in Advanced Script with the header.

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Let us know if you are able to get it working on your site.

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