Disconnected sites, hidden plugin

I have 5 sites that keeps disconnecting as soon as I do anything. Read somewhere that uninstalling/reinstalling could solve this. But the plugin is hidden, so how do I make it visible on these childsites again?


Hi @Nicklas

It’s enough to Deactivate/Reactivate the child plugin.

Are you using the White Label extension to hide the MainWP Child plugin? If so, we have a tool that will reset your MainWP Child Site Plugin settings as if it was never installed (that includes White Label settings).

Please find the plugin here: Dropbox - klbs-reset-mainwp-settings.zip - Simplify your life

Simply install this like a normal plugin ON THE CHILD SITE ONLY. Once activated it will do its thing and deactivate itself.
After you are finished with the tool PLEASE remove it for security reasons.

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Thanks, that did the trick =)

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Nice workaround, I had the same issue happen to me too after some disconnects. Good to know there’s an easy workaround - might be good that this is somewhere documented?

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Hi @jeroenrotty

Sure, it is documented in this KB:

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Oh ignore me then! :see_no_evil:

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