Divi Updates Do Not Show As Updated

I’ve searched the Bugs section for this issue, but the ones I found don’t match completely with what I am experiencing.

So, I have two sites that use Divi and when I update them in MainWP they do update, but they still show as needing to be updated. Even after I resync the sites. Also, when you log into the admin of the sites, they too show an update is needed. Even though the current version is the same as what is stated to be updated. The only way to remedy this is to log into the sites themselves and do manual updates. You can see this in my screenshot below.

It’s very odd that this only occurs for the Divi theme.

Admin - If this is caused by the same issue as one of the other Bugs, I apologize. But please feel free to link to that other Bug and close this thread.

As you already mention, the update is also acting weird on the child sites directly, so it’s not MainWP related. Divi has it’s own check for updates and it’s just buggy the last 2 or 3 versions. If you have access to Divi support, you should create a ticket there, so they can fix it.

Extra information: it’s not only on some sites but on all or at least most sites. All kinds of webhosts, PHP versions, plugin collections etc. I can confirm this for a few dozen sites and so can @jeroenrotty, who asked me about it as well. The updates were working fine until a few versions back.
I don’t have a license of my own (my clients have them), so no access to support to create a ticket myself.
It has happened before and was fixed then, but I haven’t found any feedback of the cause at that time.


Hey @kwsim

As @josklever pointed out, this issue is not MainWP-related but rather Divi-related.

Divi theme uses a non-standard way of checking for updates, and it can sometimes cause issues with the detection of available updates in both the WP Admin of the child sites and in the MainWP Dashboard.

So, it may be best to contact Divi support and have them look into this issue. After they fix it on their end, let us know if the MainWP Dashboard is behaving as expected.

Hi, had this issue for months if not years, still not resolve. What is strange is that it disapears after a few days so definitely something with DIVI. We now just ignore them completely (around 40 sites with DIVI!).

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Hey @bojan

Yeah. I came to the same conclusion that this was a Divi-related issue.

My post was not to call out MainWP on this but to see if other users in this forum had the same issue and how they dealt with it.

I already started a conversation with Divi Support, but I can already see this conversation will go nowhere. Especially when they start off the conversation with, “This might be a caching issue…”. At that point, I am not going to waste any more of my time with someone that thinks this. I would rather pound my head against the wall. LOL!

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Hey @wpexpert

Thanks for your insight into this issue.


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