Domain Monitor - Is it dead or will it ever be useful?

Hi, after 2 years we just tried Domain Monitor again (and immediately deleted it again) but it is still, regrettably, as useless as before and very little seems to have changed. Still only very few extensions supported :frowning:
It would be so nice to have a working domain monitor, that’s why we keep trying occasionally…

Is this project dead?
Or will more extensions actually be added at some point?

And my 2 cents worth is that you will have to create separate fields for ‘active’ and for the ‘reg end date’ now as more registrars, like for .eu, are only giving active state, no end date any more. That way we can at least see which are actively registered, even though an incorrect end date will display (maybe not display any end date or ‘not available’, if you couldn’t get a response?)

Hoping this will work and be useful at some point.

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Hey @SuppY

We are always adding new TLDs to Domain Monitor, and you can find a list of currently supported TLDs in this document: MainWP Domain Monitor Extension - MainWP Documentation

If you’d like us to add new TLDs to the supported list, please check if ICANN Lookup returns useful information in the response. If so, please let us know through our official feedback site.

Thanks for the suggestion. Please feel free to make a submission about this on our feedback site. That way, others can vote for it, letting us know which features our users want the most.


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