Domain monitor mx

Just to request support form .mx and domain monitor support

These are currently not working and say expired

Hi @conversiones

Welcome to the MainWP Community.

We are continuously working on expanding the TLD support of Domain Monitor, though unfortunately, .mx and are not currently supported.

You can find an up-to-date list of supported TLDs in our help doc:

Yeah, I saw the document, just wanted to post it, so more people can vote to get this solved.

Or at least make the developers have it in mind for the next update.

PS. If there’s a place where we can submit improvements or wants, and we can all vote, please let me know, and I’ll submit/vote there. :wink:

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Sure, our official feedback site is available here:

We greatly appreciate your participation.


And before I close this,

What is the purpose of website/forum?

It is various purposes, although it’s most commonly used for support.

Glancing at the Categories will give you a good idea of all other discussions the Managers forum hosts, including MainWP Bug reports, How To, and even broad WordPress discussions.

It used to host a Community Feedback section where people used to submit feature requests, but we have moved that to the Feedback site.

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