Domain monitor works for .se but

I have noticed that other people also have an issue with the domain monitor not working for .se-domains. I have noticed though that it works if you run a website through the Rest API, what is the difference between how the API gets the data and how the extension on the website does it?

  "message": {
    "state": "active",
    "domain": "",
    "holder": "----------",
    "created": "2016-04-18",
    "modified": "2022-03-28",
    "expires": "2023-04-18",
    "nserver": " 2a02:250:ffff::21",
    "dnssec": "signed delegation",
    "registry-lock": "unlocked",
    "status": "ok",
    "registrar": "Loopia AB"

Here we see it working through the API while on the website it does not. Is there some way to apply the data from the Rest API to the extension in the dashboard?

Hi @hetsen,

Just to be 100% sure, do you get this data when you run the MainWP REST API or some other REST API?

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I am using the MainWP REST API

Hello, any update on this?

Hi @hetsen

We don’t have access to any sites with .se TLD in order to attempt to reproduce this issue.

Would you mind opening a private Help Desk ticket so we can collect some additional information & investigate further?

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